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Art Loop documentary – #2 – Ouessant – Mathieu Thomas

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Second episode of the Art Loop web-documentary with Mathieu Thomas in Ouessant Island! Enjoy! Click on CC to have the english subtitles...

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Art Loop documentary – #1 – Montréal – Patsy Van Roost

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First episode of the Art Loop web-documentary with our first artist Patsy Van Roost! Enjoy! Click on CC to have the english subtitles...

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It’s Christmas !!! So we organized a contest! You can win one of five catalogs of the Art Loop exhibition ! To win, it’s simple, you need to send us a message with answers to the following questions: - What was the response of our first artist Patsy discovering the starting theme? - What is the name of the artist residency where we were in Iceland? - What are the favorites instruments  of Erdem Can? - Where is the forging  of Samuel Moucha? You have until December 15!  Good luck! (Hint: All the answers are in the...

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Behind the scene !

Posted by on 15 h 32 min in autre cat | 2 comments

Today It’s his birthday! So a small tribute to Yasser who filmed all the documentary images you have seen during the show! And more than one year later, he is still working on assembling a more complete version that can be discovered in 2015! So, happy birthday to our dear Yasser without whom the adventure Art Loop would not exist!...

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Loop diaries / Maslak

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Excerpts from the Loop diaries  - November 2013 – Istanbul  “We go to the music studio in Maslak, a small routine has been established, we meet Erdem, take the subway for 45 minutes, get out in the middle of an industrial area, there no sidewalks, here cars make  their law. On the road, we stop to buy the best boreks and instant coffee powder = our fuel for the day! After a few minutes of walking, we arrived in the neighborhood of garages and car repairers. This is HUGE! Looks like garages toys but full size and a hundred times!...

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Loop diairies / Acrobatics

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Excerpts from the Loop diaries  – Vilnius – November 2013 ” 7 a.m, cool misty morning in Vilnius. This morning, Kristina and her husband Linas  go get us to go the energy museum in Vilnius , which will be the scene of Kristina’s shooting . The place is impressive: a huge engine room, many large pipes tangled , it looks like a metal titan asleep. Kristina has access to the museum from 8am to 10am before the arrival of the public. We meet the two models Brigita Bernas. Kristina , for this series, wants them to be nude . This is not...

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Loop diaries / Barely dry

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Excerpts from the Loop diaries  - Berlin – October 2013 ” Last day for Enda , the day of delivery and he still has a lot of work . The atmosphere is febrile in the workshop. We can fell that Enda is stressed by the deadline but happy in this final stage of production. The process is long and repetitive, he carefully painted each small square that makes up the three panels of the triptych. The masking tape and pallets are adorned with gorgeous colors. We let him alone so as not to distract him and agree to return later with dinner....

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The exhibition team

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Art Loop is from the beginning a project made with human encounters. Each person who participated in the project was involved on voluntary basis by trusting us ! Coming home from our trip, we did not think that the great meetings would continue when we return home! Photo : DUMAIS PHOTO Emmanuelle and Charlene have participated to the project since February 2014 and they have undertook it as much as we do! They have supported us in all our decisions, our doubts and have motivated us to go to the end! By helping us to coordinate and...

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Exhibitition setting up

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Coming home from filming, we had to consider the design of the exhibition which have to show the 12 works and reflect the principle of a creative chain. 3 professional designers had agreed to help us with their expertise and their talent, Camille Lepage-Mandeville, Lissette Guerra and Marine Ledoux – Lebard. Here is some of the creative process of the exhibition design. (Sketch by Lissette Guerra AND photographs by Cécile Jaillard )    ...

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