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January 132014

After 5 months of journey and have crossed 10 countries, we are back in Montreal to «loop the loop» of ART LOOP!
The creative chain ends with the work of the talented Japanese composer Kota Nakamura!

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December 222013

We are in Paris! It is so nice to discover all the hidden treasures of this amazing city!

Our parisian artist : Nastassja Imiolek 


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December 62013

Salam! Shalom!

We are currently in Jerusalem. Considered as the center of the world, this holy city, occupies an important place for jewishs, christians and muslims who are living together despite a very difficult context.

Discover our artist, Dafna Ben Ami ” title=”Dafna Ben Ami”>Dafna Ben Ami

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November 232013


We’ve arrived  at 9th step of Artloop in the majestuous and colored Istanbul!

Discover now our artist Erdem Can

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November 102013

Laba Diena !

We are in Uzupis Republic in Vilnius Lituania !

Discover our artist  Kristina Sereikaite .

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October 272013

What a joy to be in Berlin! Upon our arrival, we feel the “good vibes” of the city! You feel immediately at home! It’s with no doubt the cousin of our beloved city Montreal :)

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October 212013

Dobrý den!

We are in Prague with our 6th artist Samuel Moucha!

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October 102013

Hola todos!
We are in Granada in Andalusia! The city of the mix of cultures! Each neighborhood has a different atmosphere! Its historic center is divided into four old cities : “Albayzín” the Muslim city, Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1994, the “Realejo-San Matías” Jewish city, the Sacromonte which is after the walls of Albayzin whose inhabitants are gypsies, and finally the center of Christian origin which extends below the Cathedral and Royal Chapel whose name is “Centro Sagrario.”

And of the palacio of the Alhambra!

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September 302013

La vita e bella! Art Loop stops in Rome for his fourth stage! And what a stage! One of the most beautiful cities in the world with a story by strata which we can find traces in every corner! And what a pleasure to work with Fabio Bordi, mosaic artist perpetuating an ancient craft with talent in his studio in Old Rome.

Discover Fabio Bordi: http://www.artloop-project.com/fabio-bordi/?lang=en

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September 32013

We are currently in Iceland in the little town of Laugarvatn. For this third step, we didn’t meet our artist in his workshop but in an artists residency. Gullkistan is an old farm transformed in a residence for artists from all over the world. It is there that Hallur Karl Hinriksson, an icelandic painter has discovered Mathieu Thomas creation and will work during one week to make his own.

Discover Hallur Karl Hinriksson : http://www.artloop-project.com/hallur-karl-hinriksson/


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August 202013

Our second stage : Ouessant! To know more about the Island,  click here! 


Know more about Mathieu Thomas, the second artist !


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June 42013


You can find here all the links and articles talking about Montreal and our first artis here !

Our first artist Patsy Van Roost




The Art Loop Launch at Espace Pop



Art Loop at the Guy Maddin Seances



Art Loop at MURAL festival



Our Neighborhood : the Mile-End  


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